Chapter 6: Stressed

If you clicked on this title and asked, “what’s that?” Then go ahead and check your schedule for the week. As a matter of fact, check your schedule for today. Stress is something everyone goes through, but not everyone knows how to manage it.

I’m fairly certain many people would say nothing good comes out of stress, but is that really true. Let me rephrase, stress is definitely not a good thing, however, what it does show is that you are going above and beyond. If you’re stressed that just means that you’re putting in more work than the guy or girl next to you.


Before you all make that face, hear me out. I’ve been stressed before too like I said before we all have. But tell me, what is the point of stress?  Don’t we all go through it because we have something to accomplish? The answer is yes. If you work three jobs its because you need the jobs to maintain the life you live. If you take on 21 credit hours in college, it’s because you’re trying to graduate early. If you join every organization in high school it’s because you want an amazing resume.


Okay, maybe the truth is that we all are guilty of taking on more than we can handle. Earlier I suggested that stress indicates that you are working harder than most people. I still stand by that, but it doesn’t mean we need to push ourselves. Why work those three jobs to maintain a life you aren’t living? Or join every organization, knowing you don’t like band? If you’re going to be stressed, then at least manage it. Get a hobby or just make some time for you.

There’s a reason Batman is my favorite hero. I’m sure many of you already know that reason is because he is the hardest working superhero. But did you know, even batman still has time for his Bruce Wayne? So try it out once in awhile. I guarantee you’ll still be putting in more work than the next guy.




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