Chapter 1: The Difference Maker

No, I’m not asking you to join the military or become a superhero, but rather take a page or two out of the book of my life. One story I’d like to share is the story I call, “two minutes” because two minutes really would’ve made a difference.

Without, giving out to much information, the story involved two of my friends in which one told me a lie. Now I’m going to change the names because why not?  

To paint the picture, imagine sitting in a movie theater with other friends, and you get a text message. The message reads from Chewbacca, ” no we aren’t.” Simple right? Well, this is where the two minutes comes in. A second message was sent from the other friend, Mooncaster99, saying, ” yes we are.” I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where someone tells a lie. The problem with this story is that I believed the lie sent from Chewbacca and then when Mooncaster99 sent me their message, I knew immediately Chewbacca was lying. Was I upset? Best believe it people.

Why are you lying, though?

The difference the two minutes would’ve made is that if Mooncaster99 sent me their message first my response probably would’ve been different.

When you’re waiting on that one person to finish their lie.

You’re probably thinking what am I suppose to take from this story? Well, to be honest, there was no real lesson in this story, unless you count don’t lie. However, what remains true is that right place, right time makes a difference.  Don’t think so? Try stepping into the shoes of Joseph Figlock. Seriously check him out. He is the definition of right place, right time. 




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